Glacier 2022 - Day 5

2022-11-15 | 3 min read

As the day started up, so did we. There wasn’t a lot of ground to cover today, but we liked getting to our campsites early so we could rest and hit the water if we wanted.

We packed up our packs and headed over to the food area for breakfast. No grizzly was seen this morning, much to our relief. We did, however, see some deer. They ran up about 20 feet away, peered at us for a moment, and then jumped off. Today for breakfast I had an Eggo Waffle Pop-Tart. Not much of a strong flavor, but not a bad flavor either.

As we headed out we looked fondly at the area we had all to ourselves. A pristine lake, a cold waterfall, and towering mountains. Pictures won’t do it justice.

Staying in the shadow of the mountain, we hiked for a while until we came upon Elizabeth lake. It was so smooth, calm, and crystal clear that we didn’t realize it was there at first. We hiked along the trail which meandered to the shore and away again multiple times. Passing by both the head and the foot campsites we were making good time.

At this point we were hiking back over the trail we had already hiked as the trip was an out-and-back. The trail was the same, but it afforded different views going in the opposite direction. Before we knew it we were back at the river crossing that had a cable. We took our shoes and socks off and walked across. We knew we were close to our campsite now.

As we got to the turn-off to our campsite I saw a grizzly head pop up over the raspberry bushes. Sighting me the grizzly dropped down to all fours and disappeared. We continued on cautiously and talked quite loudly as we headed down to the campsite.

Upon arrival a little before noon there were other hikers already there. We chatted a bit before they headed out on a short day hike.

We filled our afternoon with laying around, swimming, eating, playing Uno, and chatting. Before we knew it dinner time was upon us and we cooked up some more food.

After dinner we swam a bit more before heading to the tent to read and wind down for the night. Not a long day, but a good one.